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I passed choreography class during my study in National Conservatoire Of Dance. In 1993, I had a chance to collaborate with Decadance Dance Company, mainly based on contemporary and jazzdance techniques. I prepared several full-night performances and competition pieces, which were successfuly accepted, during 1993 - 1996. I improved my choreography experience in Scotland during 1996 - 1998. That stay opened for me lot of new possibilities, and improved my stage work in ballet, contemporary and improvisation, too.
After my comeback to Czech Republic, I became regular choreographer and movement director. Except of my work for theatres, I collaborated with professional students of National Conservatoire an established "The Dance Company Of National Conservatoire".
I also use neo-classical technique and I apply ballet technique to contemporary dance.
I use to devise different kinds of dance pieces (short of full-night performances) for small or big dance/ballet companies. I am also able to prepare stuff for musicals, operas, dramas, and work with pre-professionals or amateurs.
Choreographer's history:
Sep 1993 - Jun 1996                Decadance Dance Company, Czech Republic
Repertoire in Contemporary and Jazz dance styles. Work performed includes also the following works: PIANO, THE STREET, EMOTION, STOP TIME etc.
10 - 16 Feb 1997                      Rehearsal Direktor
ID Youth Copany, City Moves, Aberdeen, Scotland
5 - 20 Mar 1997                        Assistant Rehearsal Director
Solo work of Andy Howith, Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
12 - 13 Dec 1997                      RUNNING TIME
The Lemon Tree; Aberdeen, Scotland
4 - 5 Dec 1998                          Paranoic Sleeveless Room
The Lemon Tree; Aberdeen, Scotland
Sept 1999 - Dec 2000               The Dance Company Of National Conservatoire Of Dance, Czech Republic
19 Jul 2000                              CARPE DIEM
Summer Dance Festival; Brno, Czech Republic
13 Oct 2003                             SALOME
(Opera by R. Strauss), Czech Republic
27 Oct 2000                             THE PEARLS OF MISS SERAFIN
(Musical by R.Piskacek), Czech Republic
22 Dec 2000                             CARPE DIEM II.
Theatre of National Conservatoire, Czech Republic
26 May 2001                             SONATA                    
Theatre of National Conservatoire, Czech Republic
8 Jun 2001                               PRODANA NEVESTA
(Opera by B. Smetana), Czech Republic
15 Feb 2002                             BAT
(Operetta by J. Strauss), Czech Republic
17 Oct 2002                             TIME OF DANCE
National Culture Festival, Norway
15 Dec 2002                             LONELY HOUSE
Dance Project for National Museum of Ivar AAsen, Norway
28 - 29 Mar 2003                      EIN MIDTSOMMARNATTSDRAUM, Norway
(Musical by J. Nagy)
21 - 23 May 2003                      Annual Show
Ørsta Theatre; Norway
29 Jun 2003                             PICTURES & CARMEN
Volda Theatre; Norway



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